Before you go charging off into the New Year with all of your best intentions, don’t forget that your future success will come from the stepping stones you’ve already planted on your path in your music career.

There is a simple process I use each year to launch me more powerfully into the next. As we know, our music career and accomplishments don’t stem solely from our intentions, they arrive from our actions. And our actions are steps that build on each other – like stepping stones. Each stone paving the way to the next. But if we ignore the stone we are standing on and set our sights too far across the pond, we’re going to end up face down in the water before you can say “Hello” (pun intended).

Here is a quick 4 Step System to help you supercharge your music goals for 2020 and hopefully move exponentially across the pond, but with precision.

You can do this.

1. Your Short List of 2019 Music Career Accomplishments.

Don’t make this too long of a list, but try to hit those milestones and mini-milestones that really mattered. Think back on each quarter or each month and write down what your wins were ~ tall and small. Then celebrate each one with an out loud with a “yeah baby.” Declaring your wins creates the space for the next ones to come rolling in…

2. Your Wish List for 2020.

A wish list is a list of everything that you want to accomplish in this next year. It’s okay to go a little wild – matter of fact it’s good to step out beyond your comfort zone. That’s how you accomplish stuff!! Write down everything you wish would happen for your music in 2020. Don’t leave anything out.

3. Top 3 Goals and 3 Subgoals.

Now review your Wish List and pick out the Top 3 that you absolutely must have! Hint: Pick the ones that will make everything else happen effortlessly! Then choose 3 more that are dangling in front of your nose and add them underneath your Top 3. Call ‘em your Sub Goals. Then if you want to immediately feel the power of those goals (and have some fun on social media!) follow the final Step 4 below.

4. Feel the Immediate Power of Your Goals!

If you want to know what it feels like to step up to those goals in a big way, then follow these instructions below and FEEL THE POWER.

  • Snap a selfie of you and your list of Music Goals for 2020 OR make a quick video of you sharing your goals (and have your Top 3 Goals (and 3 Sub Goals) in your hand too! Get enthusiastic – your peeps will LOVE THIS!!

Post here and on your pages too!:

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Can’t wait to reach new heights in 2020 together.


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