Stop Shaming Adele, Part II

July 11, 2017

By Cari Cole A recent article by Dr. Paul E. Kwak, laryngologist and laryngeal surgeon at the NYU Voice Center, and Assistant Professor in the NYU Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery called “Stop Shaming Adele” (Part I) really spoke to me. I’ll share that article at the close of this one. I … Continue

Vocal Freedom in 5 Easy Steps

June 27, 2017

By Cari Cole Vocal freedom. It’s what all singers want. But how do you get it when your voice is stuck in your throat. Or when it wears out too quickly. Or when it doesn’t respond the way you want? Are you stuck with the voice you have, or can it be improved?. The latter. … Continue


Artists: Don’t be Afraid, Step Out into the Light

April 6, 2016

By Cari Cole Most days I am exposing artists to themselves. Wha?? Yep. Because the more I do that, the better they become. The more they dig, the more they get in touch with their “why”. The more they get in touch with their “why”, the sooner they come to realize their deeper message. The … Continue


Singers, Songwriters & Musicians — Weight & Age is Just An Excuse!

February 23, 2016

by Cari Cole Day in day out I work with a constant stream of independent artists trying to make it in the business (and a few celebrities here and there.) And inevitably at some juncture I hear the same contagious fears that spread through artist’s minds that only hold them hostage and keep them scared, … Continue


5 Lessons In Music Business Success

January 13, 2015

by Cari Cole     People ask me all the time how I did it. What was my path to success? Did I put in my 10,000 hours or did I take short cuts? Do I work 24/7? What are my secrets? What do I attribute my success to? Have I achieved all of my … Continue


Success Has Nothing To Do With Talent

September 23, 2014

by Cari Cole     I know so many ridiculously talented artists who never make it. Who spend their whole lives hoping and praying but somehow manage to live on the outside of the music business. Some, intentionally.   They don’t want their art tampered with. Or they are just sensitive souls who don’t want … Continue

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The Black Holes Of Musicpreneurship

June 24, 2014

by Cari Cole     Let’s face it, being a musicpreneur is a freakin’ full time job, matter of fact, it can swallow you whole – right into a black hole.   The challenge is how to make time for your music while you gain ground with your career. Time management people!   Here’s a … Continue

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Are You Generous Or Stingy With Your Fans?

December 17, 2013

by Cari Cole     In light of the holiday season, I want to give you a few exercises to find out if you’re being generous with your fans – or stingy. It’s no secret that to get love you gotta give love – and you want your fans to love you, right? Then you … Continue

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