Top 15 Songwriting Tips for How to Write a Chart Topping Hit Song

July 20, 2021

Whether you want to write a chart topping hit song, a song that resonates deeper with your audience, or reaches a wider one, I think we could all agree that it’s relatively easy to write a good song, it is not so easy to write a great one.  What makes a song resonate with people … Continue

7 Ways to Write Better Songs With More Emotion

July 6, 2021

I think we could all agree that writing a GOOD song is not hard, but writing a GREAT one is not so easy. I’m talking about the kind of songs that have more emotion in them and connect more with your audience. The kind they will play on loop :).   Whenever you introduce a new … Continue


The 4 Seasons of a Music Artist: How to Nurture and Create Better Music

May 11, 2021

As an artist, your creativity rotates around different seasons. ❄️🍂🌷☀️ When you understand the dynamic nature of the flow of the artistic process more fully, you will know with more confidence what energy and attention to bring to each phase. Most artists today are overwhelmed working on everything at once. Writing, recording, branding, marketing, promoting … Continue


6 Artist Development Tips + Essentials for Music Artists

October 27, 2020

We’re making progress. The indie revolution is settled in and has taken hold. Artists are carving their paths, and music marketers have come out of the woodwork with more advice than one ever should follow. Besides, following generic advice or advice that tells you how to make it is just that ~ generic. It’s just … Continue


New Music Release: Sarra “Kerosene” CCVM Case Study, Part 1

August 7, 2018

by Cari Cole For the past three years, we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes developing artists and their records at CCVM with A & R sessions, cultivating a killer songwriting team and refining our process. While we’ve been working with emerging artists voices and record projects for over 3 decades, I took a stronger … Continue


Top 8 Tips to Make An Exceptional Record

October 24, 2017

  By Cari Cole Record making is an art, a science, a process, an alchemical experience. It should not be thrown together, recorded in a rush, and your vocals should not be recorded all in one day. It won’t help. Even more, the song selection is critical to the success of the record. Whatever you … Continue


4 Quick & Dirty Little Secrets To Killer Vocals A.S.A.P.

October 10, 2017

By Cari Cole Sometimes singers don’t want to admit to having a vocal coach. I get it. They think somehow it takes away from their own “natural” talent (it doesn’t ~ only adds to it!) But really, it’s no one’s business if you train or not ~ only yours. In the entertainment industry, nothing is … Continue

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